Only Provident guarantees that we will be at your door within 5 minutes from the time we receive an alarm signal.

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Five Minute Response Guarantee

The most important purpose of an alarm is to generate an immediate response. That’s it.Without an immediate response, an alarm system is just a loud noise that offers limited value.

Only Provident guarantees that we will be at your door within 5 minutes from the time we receive an alarm signal.

That’s a big promise that is unique not just in Vancouver, but anywhere in North America. Provident is the only company that offers a response within 5 minutes for every single alarm signal.

How we do it…

FIRST, we limit our geographic boundaries. By focusing on specific neighbourhoods, our response teams on foot, bicycle and in our bright yellow marked vehicles, are never more than 5 minutes away from your home.

SECOND, we will not waste time attempting to contact your premises. With just about every other alarm company, when the alarm trips the first step the monitoring facility will take is to call the premises in an attempt to verify whether the alarm is real or not. If they don’t get an answer, they continue to call emergency contacts until they can reach someone to confirm the alarm.

We don’t do that.

We assume that all alarms are REAL until proven false.

Upon receipt of an alarm signal, we will get on our way within seconds to your home. No time is wasted between our receipt of an alarm signal and our response teams responding. If you have caused a false alarm, you call us and let us know that all is well. Otherwise, we will be there in 5 minutes or less, guaranteed.

Our 5 minute response is the fastest, most efficient and reliable alarm response service available.

Provident can provide response service to your home irrespective of which alarm company you presently use. In fact, we can work with the vast majority of alarm equipment already installed in people’s homes in Vancouver. Typically, we only need to upgrade the control panel and can still use all of your existing motion, smoke, door, window and other sensors already installed.

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