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At Provident, we do a lot of things differently. We offer services that no other company offers and we provide a completely in-house solution. Unlike virtually every other security firm in Vancouver and Whistler, we do not sub-contract any part of our services. With Provident, you know exactly who you are dealing with.

We make some big promises. Most important among those promises is our guaranteed alarm response times. If you are used to dealing with a regular alarm company, and have seen first hand the lack of urgency when dealing with an alarm, you’d have good reason to be skeptical of a promise like that.

Seeing is believing

130907_provident_366-E23dit2We think that the best way to earn your trust is to invite you to our Kerrisdale Operations Centre so that you can see first hand what goes on behind the scenes of a Provident alarm. We’re confident that when you see the attention to detail and commitment to providing a remarkable service for yourself, you’ll know that you are making the right decision to switch to Provident.

We lead tours every week through our operation. We’d love to show you around. Click here to request a tour, or give us a call at 604.664.1087

We also host regular seminars in our Kerrisdale showroom covering a range of home and business security related topics. Click on the links below for information or to RSVP for our upcoming events:

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